Vans has teamed up with Nintendo to bring you shoes straight out of your childhood fantasies.

The footwear brand and video game creators unveiled an extensive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories adorned with Nintendo-inspired graphic prints and characters from ‘Super Mario Bros.’, ‘Pokemon’, ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’.

It’s time to power-up your sneaker game.


The throwback collection will be available from Friday 3 June, in both adult’s and children’s sizing (and no we won’t judge you for buying a pair).

The Vans x Nintendo range includes four variations of the Authentic Vans silhouette, including the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Tie-Dye – which features an all-over character print of Mario alongside several power-ups and the villainous Goomba over an 8-bit tie-dye pattern.

Princess Peach also stars on a pair, while ‘Duck Hunt’ and ‘Donkey Kong’ are each honoured on their own lace-up styles.


Vans’ Classic Slip-On also appears in the sneaker line-up with graphics and quotes from ‘The Legend of Zelda’.

A sidestriped trio of the Sk8-Hi, Old Skool and Sk8-Hi Slim for women pay homage to the NES with prints and colours inspired by the console.

Lace-up styles are trimmed with special details including Nintendo game logos on the tongue label and NES controller lace caplets – but best of all, are the iconic Vans waffle soles printed with ‘Game Over!’.


Want to see more? (Of course you do). Check out the whole collection in our gallery below:

A teenager undergoing chemotherapy has been inundated with photographs of half a million virtual therapy dogs from well wishers across the globe.

Anthony Lyons, 16, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2014, and has since spent large periods of time undergoing cancer treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

To help cheer him up, and because he became visibly happier after spending time with the hospital’s therapy dogs, family friends set up a Facebook page inviting people from across the globe to share photos of their pooches – and, occasionally, cats.

Therapy dogs are specially trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices and disaster areas.

Seeing how much the therapy dogs meant to Anthony, family friends Roberta Lucero-Koron and Ro Joe set up the Facebook page encouraging internet users to post pictures of their dogs and share loving messages to cheer the teenager up during his grueling treatment.

Since then, the page – which was set up as a Facebook event – has gained over 1.2million guests, with half a million photographs posted on the feed.

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On 4 January, Anthony’s mother, Roberta Lyons wrote on the page: “God bless you and God bless the world wide web.

“Anthony is smiling joyfully because of you. One thing I have to say is make yourself smile too by looking at these beautiful animals that God gave us. I can’t stop crying from tears of happiness.”

Meanwhile Anthony told KSAZ: “When I’m in the hospital bed all day, my mom goes through the pictures. She’ll show me them all, the special ones are the funniest.”

The family are also hoping to raise money for Anthony’s treatment through GiveForward. They’ve now raised over $14,000.

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Adele’s world tour kicked off on Monday night with an epic first performance, but it wasn’t just her voice wowing the crowd.

Naturally Adele’s 18-hit repertoire brought down the house, but we also couldn’t keep our eyes off of her insanely sparkly Burberry gown (or the cup of tea she was drinking throughout).

The ‘Hello’ songstress enlisted the help of the British fashion brand to create a series of bespoke gowns for her entire 100 night world tour – starting last night at Belfast’s SSE Arena.

Burberry shared the snap of Adele on Instagram congratulating Adele on her performance, along with giving a shout out to the “custom Burberry gown with floral hand-embroidered sequins.”

The brand also shared an exclusive snap of the dress on the drawing board (Adele totally wore it better though).

“It is a huge privilege to work with Adele,” said Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director. “She is an incredible artist who I admire enormously for her approach to life, her sense of fun, her innate style, and her massively powerful and moving voice and performance.”

Watch this space for the rest of her tour wardrobe.

For years, Mother Nature has had an effective (and all-natural) way of protecting her children, by putting skin on fruits and vegetables.

But now, one supermarket thought they had a better idea, deciding to peel and pre-package mandarins in plastic tubs.

When Nathalie Gordon came across the product on image sharing site Imgur, she so outraged she decided to share the picture. And as her tweet, which has had more than 50,000 retweets (and counting) shows, the world was outraged with her.

“If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them,” the advertising executive from London tweeted.


The supermarket, which is called Whole Foods no less, says one of its core values it selling “the highest quality natural and organic products available”.

Whole Foods Market swiftly responded to her complaint, promising to remove the items from their shelves.

A spokesperson from Whole Foods told The Huffington Post: “A lot of our customers love the convenience of our cut produce offerings, but this was a simple case where a handful of stores experimented with a seasonal product spotlight that wasn’t fully thought through. We’re glad some customers pointed it out so we could take a closer look.”

I mean, we all think oranges can be tricky to peel – but COME ON PEOPLE.

Online retailer and shopping app Wish have just found a major way to alienate a huge part of their customer base, by advertising a pair of plus size shorts in a cruel and unnecessary way.

The shorts in question, which come in sizes XXXL to XXXXXL, are pictured on a slim model wearing one of the legs as a skirt.

Reviews from people who purchased the shorts are not positive either. “No way the size is right,” one commenter wrote. “So odd fitting,” another added. Which isn’t really surprising considering no one in the world would wear them as pictured.

The listing on Wish is incredibly similar to one on AliExpress that caused widespread outrage last year, shown below.

It really does beg the question – why not just hire a plus size woman to model your clothes?